Tuesday, October 23, 2007

home sweet home

when i have my new home, i will...
-sleep in a queen sized bed... thanks, cam!
-do jigsaw puzzles
-come up with fantastic pitches surfing wirelessly from my new laptop
-have a dv-r (thanks again)
-paint all the walls, whatever color i want
-go to antique shops and thrift stores to find furniture... modern furniture is far too oversized for whatever petite condo we choose
-really notice that my (current) roommate's the one with all the good kitchen stuff
-have fewer clothes and fewer books
-relinquish my oversized stereo system for a smaller set-up
-finally be able to get a new ipod

i'm going to add more as they come to me... what's been your favorite part of owning a home, or moving in with your loved one?

1 comment:

cari said...

not owning, but living someplace awesome and planning to stay a while ... actually buying a couch! a new couch! and coming up with color schemes ... my new plan is a red-sox-themed bathroom. (because i have nowhere else to hang my stuff, soo it might as well be the half bath that i was going to use red accents in anyway!)