Thursday, August 10, 2006


ok, by and large i think the best blog posts are fairly carefully wrought, focused... descriptive but concise. this is not one of those posts.

first, a bit about last night. sometimes living in the 'burbs freaking RULES! last night my roommate and i made plans to mini golf. last summer - or maybe two summers ago? - we drove all over the place looking for a driving range. we ultimately found a genteel little course and hit a couple buckets, but en route to said course we discovered a facility under construction that looked promising.... top golf. last night, we finally returned. it was a life-changing experience. this place is everything a name like TOP GOLF promises. beautiful clubhouse. huge pro shop. BAR. restaurant. lounging area with huge tvs and sumptuous leather couches. ladies' nights. live music on thursdays. and then you walk outside and you lay your eyes on the finest driving range you've ever seen. double-decker, touchscreens in every unit, stadium seating, leader boards, waitresses bringing beer after beer, climate control for your cold-weather-driving-pleasure. i'm killing myself that i didn't have my camera! finally, we made our way to the mini golf - two courses, desert and mountain. we opted for mountain. par 3s and 4s, jumps and bridges and hazards and tunnels galore. it was easily the best one i've ever played. after playing through, we returned to the clubhouse, lounged on the couches, flipped through golf magazines, and made plans to return just to watch the world series on those sweet tvs. how do you cap an evening like that? simple. carvel soft serve, another fabulous suburban feature. SWEET.

secondly, i had a hilarious ride in this morning. the train, as ever, was packed, but after l'enfant plaza it empties out a bit and i can usually find a seat. this morning was no exception, so i snagged a spot in the first row, facing the vestibule. between archives and chinatown we experienced some turbulence and my lunch tipped over in my lap, sending cherries rolling alllll over the floor in every direction. i yelped, "oh no!" everyone realized what was happening and helped me gather the wayward fruit still tumbling across the floor and deposit it back into my lunchbag. the guy standing next to my seat looks down at me and says, "i think that violates the five-second rule." that, my friends, is HIGH comedy for 8:30am on a weekday! and if there was ever a day to check the "i-saw-you"s and their ilk, today is that day, for i surely made a scene.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

be prepared!

i absolutely love the neighborhood i walk through on my way to work and back. every day there's something funny, weird, or mildly disturbing going on. today funny was the name of the game. on my way back from picking up coffee, i saw the coolest lady. picture, if you will... on her head rested a sombrero, the sort that comes free with your birthday dinner at mexican restaurants. next, she was all business - a kelly green skirt and suit jacket, with a white(ish) blouse beneath. finally, on her feet, it was all lay-z-boys and the evening paper - argyle socks tucked into huge fuzzy slippers. what does it all mean? one thing's for sure - she's ready for anything!

irritating to the last drop

i have an incredibly annoying habit... so annoying that it even bothers me as i'm doing it, but i'm powerless to stop myself. no matter what i'm eating, i must scrape it clean. my 9am yogurt? not a drop remains. my pudding cup? same. my dinner plate, my ice cream bowl, my peanut butter jar. if i don't get them spotless, it's a personal failure. it's so obnoxious! scrape scrape scrape... a friend of mine used to live with a girl who had a similar habit with her cereal bowl - she had to get every last drop of milk, and the sound of metal spoon versus ceramic bowl produced a racket dubbed "the roundup" a'la banging a triangle to call the farmhands in from the fields for dinner. as i'm doing i look critically at the dregs of my food, reasoning that there cannot possibly be any gain to be had in scouring the last drop with my spoon, angling it for the perfect, cleanest swipe... and still i can't stop.

Friday, August 04, 2006

oh, it's on...

my blog, that is... i had another, deleted it, and thanks to the diverting forays by my friends, i'm inspired to give it another go. so here it is, the first post. out of the way. impressive.