Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sweeney and the Snowflakes

The forecasters have been predicting snow in D.C. for a while now, but last night, we finally got some. I woke up to a darker, more silent bedroom than usual, but didn't make much of it. I clicked on the radio, then headed out to feed the cats. Not too much later I heard the school closings, which can mean anything from a dusting to several feet. I took a peek behind the blind, and we had a little more than a dusting, but it was coming down pretty hard, with big, fat flakes blowing around.

I can't be sure, but I think it was Sweeney's first real snow. I pulled up the blind and plopped her on the windowsill. She zeroed in on those flakes pretty quickly, though Winston couldn't really be bothered. I shouldn't be suprised, I guess -- she is the cat who watches TV. Seriously. Whatever crap I've got on, she'll tune into for a bit. She'll sit on the floor right by the coffeetable, looking up at the screen on the wall, nodding her head a bit as she follows the action. Pretty cute.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beans for the Beast

I have a secret.

When Cam's out of town - which isn't infrequent - I like to eat my dinner with my fingers. Last night I made a dipping sauce of greek yogurt and horseradish. I dunked cold steak and hot roasted baby potatoes, and it was nearly as good as the hot steak and roasted potatoes dinner Cam whipped up the night before. Dip, dip. And haricot vert on the side, sprinkled with salt. Next to the horseradish, the beans tasted so sweet.

About those green beans. I placed the plate of steak and beans next to the stove, then sat on the couch while I waited for the potatoes to re-heat. I looked down at my laptop for a few minutes, then realized Winston was on the counter, facedown in my plate. As soon as I looked up he felt my eyes and flew off the counter and under the chair, his prize in his maw. And what did he have firmly clenched between his teeth? Steak? Nope. A green bean.


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Two Little Bits

One, for me to remember when I'm having a hard time getting myself to do something:

Motivation is an effect, not a cause.

Two, for everyone, because I like it: