Thursday, July 23, 2009

More On Weddings

Two weekends ago, I saw another fabulous couple get hitched and ride off into the sunset together. It was pretty flipping amazing. Every wedding is unique, of course, but this one was special for a couple of reasons. For one, it was held at my aunt's house, where she married my uncle just about 5 years ago. That was an almost inexpressibly great event - she found the love of her life when she was more than 50, and she and her husband are so blissfully perfect for one another, then and now, that it's an inspiring story for everyone who's still hoping to find someone to love forever. So to have this more recent wedding echo that one set it up for greatness from the start. Secondly, the couple themselves, of course. They could not be more kind, more generous, more loving. My "new" cousin - a daughter from my "new" uncle's first marriage - and her now-husband only met my family about 2 years ago, and we all took to one another in an instant. And finally (of course there are a billion reasons the wedding was great - I haven't even mentioned the amazing Mexican food yet - but finally, for these purposes), the lovely couple is really dedicated to living consciously, and to that end, nearly everything was recyclable or compostable. Seriously - the day after the big event, the groom and about 5 of us helpers went through all the refuse from the weekend, and came away with just one small garbage bag of actual garbage. Incredible!

Now, a related complaint, sort-of. I'm going to a bridal shower for my boyfriend's sister on Saturday, and like many couples, she and her beloved are registered at Target. Have you ever gone to a Target to buy off a registry? I did, today, and it's stupid. I looked up the registry from home, made mental notes about a couple of items, found one, and took it to guest services so they could check it off. But they can't just look up the registry - you have to go to a kiosk and print out the entire thing so they can scan the barcode on the first page. This was a reasonable registry, 5 pages long. So I printed 5 pages... And so will every other guest who goes to Target to shop for them. There's no "print first page" option, and if there's a way to get the item checked off the registry without printing the whole thing, the employee I dealt with didn't know it. Ridiculous. Spending nearly two weeks in California made a definite live-with-less/be greener impression on me, and the thought of 50 guests each printing 5 pages... Times a billion weddings... Grr.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Quittin' It

Yet another of my less-than-chewy tv show favorites is Run's House, the MTV "reality" show about Rev. Run's (of Run-DMC fame, Mom and Dad) family. It's actually incredibly wholesome, and he has the cutest kids imaginable. Diggy seems a little like the lost middle child sometimes -- inevitable in a family of superstars, where his two older sisters have a sneaker empire, his older brother is trying to start up a rap career, and his younger brother Russy steals the show with dimples and antics (says Mom, Justine: "He aces everything he tries."). It's the only scenario imaginable where Diggy might get overshadowed -- in any other family, he'd outshine everyone. Well, it turns out Diggy has a blog, "Life of the Jet Setter." It looks, well, surprisingly real, for a reality show project. He mostly posts stills from fashion shows showcasing looks and designers he likes, and occasionally, he writes.
Also wanted to say thank you everyone for the feedback on the blog and for subscribing I see that almost everyone started a blog and that's great it's a good way to be creative and do something with you time. I enjoy it a whole lot and I hope you all enjoy it as well! Aight I'm out. God Bless. Peace.

He's better than Stephanie Meyer, that's for sure. So, yeah. Diggy's blog is better than mine, what's the point? I'm out.

Kidding. Just expressing my unnatural pride in a kid I'll never know.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Of Fruits And Flies


One of the things I considered essential when condo-shopping was a window over the kitchen sink. If not essential, well, incredibly desirable. So we've got one, and it's big enough to grow a nice respectable tangle of herbs -- tall basil stalks, thyme, oregano, sage and a rosemary tumbleweed. They're beautiful and bring a little of the outside in.

Somewhere along the way, on one of our produce runs, we too brought a little of the outside in -- fruit flies. They took to the oregano in a flash, and soon I was swatting them away from my face in every room of the house. Not a major infestation, but an annoyance. Cam said the way to solve the problem is to break off a section of banana and drop it in a jar, then cover the jar with plastic wrap pierced with holes. The fruit flies zoom in to chow the banana, then can't escape.

The other day I had a nectarine with a little ding in it I need to cut out, so I dropped the bruised bit into a jar, covered it with plastic, popped it with holes and snapped a rubber band around it. It worked like a champ, See all those little guys?


Here's my question. Now what? What am I supposed to do with all the buggies?

And while we're asking questions...


I bought a lime a couple days ago. Where did it go?