Thursday, July 02, 2009

Of Fruits And Flies


One of the things I considered essential when condo-shopping was a window over the kitchen sink. If not essential, well, incredibly desirable. So we've got one, and it's big enough to grow a nice respectable tangle of herbs -- tall basil stalks, thyme, oregano, sage and a rosemary tumbleweed. They're beautiful and bring a little of the outside in.

Somewhere along the way, on one of our produce runs, we too brought a little of the outside in -- fruit flies. They took to the oregano in a flash, and soon I was swatting them away from my face in every room of the house. Not a major infestation, but an annoyance. Cam said the way to solve the problem is to break off a section of banana and drop it in a jar, then cover the jar with plastic wrap pierced with holes. The fruit flies zoom in to chow the banana, then can't escape.

The other day I had a nectarine with a little ding in it I need to cut out, so I dropped the bruised bit into a jar, covered it with plastic, popped it with holes and snapped a rubber band around it. It worked like a champ, See all those little guys?


Here's my question. Now what? What am I supposed to do with all the buggies?

And while we're asking questions...


I bought a lime a couple days ago. Where did it go?

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Andrew said...

eat the bugs