Monday, July 06, 2009

Quittin' It

Yet another of my less-than-chewy tv show favorites is Run's House, the MTV "reality" show about Rev. Run's (of Run-DMC fame, Mom and Dad) family. It's actually incredibly wholesome, and he has the cutest kids imaginable. Diggy seems a little like the lost middle child sometimes -- inevitable in a family of superstars, where his two older sisters have a sneaker empire, his older brother is trying to start up a rap career, and his younger brother Russy steals the show with dimples and antics (says Mom, Justine: "He aces everything he tries."). It's the only scenario imaginable where Diggy might get overshadowed -- in any other family, he'd outshine everyone. Well, it turns out Diggy has a blog, "Life of the Jet Setter." It looks, well, surprisingly real, for a reality show project. He mostly posts stills from fashion shows showcasing looks and designers he likes, and occasionally, he writes.
Also wanted to say thank you everyone for the feedback on the blog and for subscribing I see that almost everyone started a blog and that's great it's a good way to be creative and do something with you time. I enjoy it a whole lot and I hope you all enjoy it as well! Aight I'm out. God Bless. Peace.

He's better than Stephanie Meyer, that's for sure. So, yeah. Diggy's blog is better than mine, what's the point? I'm out.

Kidding. Just expressing my unnatural pride in a kid I'll never know.

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SaintTigerlily said...

Haha. Adorable.

...I want a sneaker empire.