Wednesday, August 09, 2006

irritating to the last drop

i have an incredibly annoying habit... so annoying that it even bothers me as i'm doing it, but i'm powerless to stop myself. no matter what i'm eating, i must scrape it clean. my 9am yogurt? not a drop remains. my pudding cup? same. my dinner plate, my ice cream bowl, my peanut butter jar. if i don't get them spotless, it's a personal failure. it's so obnoxious! scrape scrape scrape... a friend of mine used to live with a girl who had a similar habit with her cereal bowl - she had to get every last drop of milk, and the sound of metal spoon versus ceramic bowl produced a racket dubbed "the roundup" a'la banging a triangle to call the farmhands in from the fields for dinner. as i'm doing i look critically at the dregs of my food, reasoning that there cannot possibly be any gain to be had in scouring the last drop with my spoon, angling it for the perfect, cleanest swipe... and still i can't stop.


psmee said...

that yogurt gave its life for you. the least you can do is eat it all!

Andrew said...

maybe you are just really hungry