Wednesday, February 28, 2007


my roommate got sweet tickets to the caps game last night - she's a high school teacher, and the owner visited her school and left them with 2500 lower-level seats. she snagged a pair, so she met me at work, we parked the jeep, and headed down to the verizon center... to discover, much to our mutual dismay, that said tickets were nowhere to be found. we retraced our steps to no avail, and in a last-ditch effort, headed to will call, just in case some good soul had turned them in. alas, no. we pretty much thought the night was a bust, since the tickets weren't in her name, or anyone's, but the will call woman sent us to another window to talk to a guy pounding away at a laptop. he listened to our story, told us to hang on a sec, and produced two new tickets to (different) sweet seats. just like that. charmed!

the other best part of the night was a video they showed during a timeout of the caps' mascot, slapshot, taking on the exorcist steps in a jackass parody. it was called something funny (somehow jack shot and slap ass don't sound right, but it was something like that), complete with imitative logo, and featured slapshot sledding down the exorcist steps. it was hilarious.

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cocaine bref said...

1st playoff birth?!!?!