Tuesday, February 13, 2007

snow & dopamine

well, snow and sleet have been falling past my office window all day, reminding me of the past two snowstorms we've had so far this year.

the first started in the late morning on a sunday, big soft flakes that started slow, then came down in earnest. the draft from the french doors was almost welcome, since it gave cam and i a legitimate reason to pile like puppies while watching the bears school the cinderella saints. later we headed into the city for the second game, tires crunching on the soft bed of snow. when it looked like the colts had no chance of recovery, we walked to a bodega for some ice cream and bonded with the regulars over their dramatic about-face.

the second was altogether different - small flakes falling hard in the evening, but difficult to make out even in the streetlights. i peeked out cam's front door to assess their hardiness, but quickly shut it against the cold. by morning an inch coated roofs and roads, trees and sidewalks... everything but my car. even though cam had to leave nearly two hours before i, in the dark and ever more daunting cold, he had still cleared the snow from all my car's windows.

i am a lucky girl.


cari said...

we've had one snow. it barely stuck. i totally miss that about the northeast, the snowfalls.

psmee said...

i'm happy for you! happy happy happy. can't say it enough. you are so precious.