Monday, June 15, 2009

Who Feels Like Chicken Tonight?

Me, for one. I've got that ridiculous bird in the oven right now. Ridiculous because he weighs 5lbs. I wanted a nice yummy organic birdie in the 3-4lb range, but ye olde Perdue was my only option. I think it'll be fantastic anyway. It's destined for the belly of my friend who could use some comfort food. We'll let you know how it turns out, because you need to know.

So, the many many wall-ready pictures aren't up yet. I'm weirdly indecisive about this particular decorating decision. Just about every piece of furniture we've got I've loved and felt sure about, and I know I want all those pics up, but I'm having a hard time with it. I need some opinions, but I think that'll be hard to do electronically. So would you please come over and help me with that? I'll feed you chicken!


cwg said...

I wish I could come over!!! (Though I'd skip the chicken.)

But I know what you mean, kind of doing the same thing myself, without even one extra pair of eyes. It's hard to know, and the when you decide it doesn't look good there once you hang something else up next to it, it's too late because there are giant holes in the walls.

robynminch said...

Chicken turned out delicious! And the comfort even better.

emma discovery said...

I'd love your help with this, cwg! I'll just have to muddle along. I feel like I probably need to pull them all out from the spare room they're stacked in and just get them out in the spaces, see how they look. It'll happen.

Minch, I totally forgot to get your help! You'll just have to come back for more dinner :)