Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Embarassing Revelation #1

I actually think this meal is pretty good. Like, I look forward to it as it spins in the microwave. I don't dream about it, or even crave it, but yeah. I like it.

Full disclosure, I only resort to the ol' LC's when I'm too lazy or uninspired to pack something better. I'm a die-hard lunch-packer, and sometimes I just get burned out. Stay tuned for future confessions of this sort. There are a handful that aren't too bad. See the "Twice the Veggies" bit on the top corner? Key.

Please don't hate me! I still love good food! I promise! Let me tell you about the cake I baked for Cam, OK? I will. I mean it.


cwg said...

Have you had any of the Kashi frozen dinners? Pretty tasty.

emma discovery said...

Yup, and they are good! A little too rice-centric for me, but the real reason I rarely buy them is they're more expensive. When I buy crappy food, I want it cheap.

Andrew said...

I eat a lot of these things. they are pretty good. i got a south beach diet one but that was too lame, so i didn't get anymore of them.