Thursday, December 18, 2008

just killing time

nablopomo means one thing for sure: kitty neglect. all the time i spend with my laptop in my lap is time spent with winston staring at me from the coffee table, walking on the keyboard, or smooshing his head into my leg trying to shove the computer out of the way. sweeney's a little better at dealing because she's so small, and she likes being beside me as much as sitting on me anyway, so.

here i am blogging about my freaking cats again. it seems to come to this, because when cam's out of town (which is a lot), i spend much of time at home with them. and work's been kind of intense lately (in a good way, i'm learning a new job). and i haven't been reading enough. and when he's gone, i watch too much tv. and that's not conducive to the deep thoughts. i could do a blog about crappy tv, but that would necessitate admitting how much of it i'm conversant in. right now i'm watching some poor kid on true life (oh, how i love true life) take his date to the prom, chauffered by his dad in the family minivan, in which, of course, the air conditioning is broken. and they're the first to arrive. awkward. an observation: how come high school girls think that if their dress is long, it's ok that it's extraordinarily slutty on top? like, cut to the bellybutton, and exposing the inside half of each breast? not classy. my prom dress was short, but i'm grown and not embarassed when i see pictures, so i still think it was ok.

deep thoughts, people. deep thoughts.


newatthis said...

Step away from the computer. Put some Mannheim Steamroller on the stereo (ok, you can use Pandora and the computer for this if you want). Plug in headphones and place securely on head. Put cat(s) in lap. Sit back comfortably and close eyes. Focus on music. Consider all the things you have to be thankful for. Repeat.

emma discovery said...

thanks, dad :) i think sunday's the day i'll finally get to do that? saturday cam and i have to go to... the mall. he only has three gifts so far. i'm going to go in with a good attitude!