Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Short On Thoughts

Probably this should just turn in to a cat blog. As in, my cat is making this face, my cat says, look how cute my cat is. (Both of them, obviously). Dooce does it so well, with the world-famous Chuck and sidekick crazy Coco. But why is it good? Because there's also a lot of, you know, CONTENT. Thoughts. Stories. Ideas. This blog's short on

INTERLUDE: "You're like, crazy fast typer. You just think things and they appear on the screen in front of you."

Thank you, Cam. Yet more evidence that there COULD be content, if only I had thoughts in my head. The fingers, they are more than capable of transmitting.

Yeah. So like I was saying, and, apparently, Cam was saying, this blog's short on thoughts and long on typing. But still... That, and cats, is what I got right now. So please enjoy Winston and Sweeney, aka Big and Little, loafing on the pull out couch, in winter half light.


SaintTigerlily said...

If you make it about cats you may need to rename the blog sleepallyear....I'm just saying.

Don't you love it when they assume the same positions in the same directions. It is all very "the mother ship is calling us home."

emma discovery said...

TouCHE! And yeah, you're so right. And they do it all the time! Whenever I see them like this I picture them in little his-n-hers loaf pans. Weirdo.

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