Monday, November 09, 2009

Turkey Diversion

What do you do when life's gotten pretty heavy, but you've made a semi sorta to yourself promise to blog as much as you can for a while? What do you write about, while keeping the private, private?

The good times, I think. So this past weekend Cam and I attended something called, loosely, a "Turkey Shoot." In this case, a turkey shoot is a fundraiser held by a Moose Lodge, and it goes a little something like this. First, get in your truck and head South.

Pick up your best friend, then pull up to the site. In this case, it's a field by a gas station, pickups and people tailgating all around, with a concession stand, a place to register, and a range, with 20 lanes and targets about 30 yards off.

There are 36 relays, or rounds, and each relay features a prize -- in some cases, a frozen turkey, but also hunks of beef, pounds of shrimp, slabs of bacon, and in a few cases, money. You get one shot per relay, at $5 per. You register for the relays you want to participate, then get a slip of paper and wait your turn.

Relay 28's a long wait, but there's plenty of sightseeing and strategizing to be done.

When your relay's called, file up, and receive your shell...

Then head to your lane for your one shot.

Once the range is clear, folks working the shoot run out to collect the targets...

... and run them back in to be judged.

This guy compares all the shot patterns, looking for bullseyes.

The participants crowd around, hoping to take home a win.

Sometimes, it's a close call.

Other times, there's a clear winner!

Who feels like turkey tonight?

He's not free range, organic or hormone-free. But he came home with us! And by home, I mean to my Mom's basement chest freezer. But by golly, he's ours.