Monday, May 25, 2009

Ricki Hits Rock Bottom

Oh man. I've never hidden my love of trashy shows of all stripes. Rock of Love, the Hills, Rob & Big, if it's vaguely reality based and on MTV or VH1, I'll probably watch it. For whatever reason, Charm School never made the list... Until today. I blame the gym! The dumbest show in the world looks downright appealing compared to staring out the window while I pant on my hamster wheel. First of all, it's got one of my favorite Brett Michaels rejects, Ashley. She's a total trainwreck, and she and her partner in crime, Farrah, are a trip. What the French! But, seriously? This show is godawful, and RICKI LAKE is hosting! Now that's the real What the French! I mean, it's a paycheck, but she just uttered the following sentence:
It makes me uncomfortable because Charm School is supposed to be the kind of environment that fosters respect.
Ohhhh Ricki. I know it's a paycheck. But... Just... NO.


Enna said...

Dude, don't be ashamed. You know I would be watching it if I had cable. Thank god for internet.

emma discovery said...

I kind of love clicking over to my blog and seeing those fancy ladies at the top. Hilarious!