Thursday, May 03, 2007

a fish tale

oh man! a couple weeks ago i went on my very first charter boat fishing trip, and it RULED. i was a little worried about committing to the trip - it was expensive, and i had no idea if i'd get seasick. but it was awesome.

we left out of deal island, maryland on the kingfish II with captain harry at 5 o'clock on sunday morning. it was still dark out, with barely a crack of light on the horizon.

while we motored out to the good fishing spots, the mate got busy setting up all the trolling lines.

apparently, rockfish like bait in shades of white and chartreuse.

lisa was first up, and she hooked a monster.

the boys were ready with the net.

you measure it on this to be sure. yup, it's a keeper!

when i was up, i got a biggie too. biggest fish i've ever caught, that's for sure!

even after 11 hours out, i was sad to say goodbye to the boat.

i was happy to eat my fish after capt. harry filleted it, though!

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cocaine bref said...


Handles, anytime you are around these parts and want to go deep sea fishing - IM GAME! I grew on that shit with my dad and love going out! We'll have L pop some dramamine and she'll be good to go too!

Killer rockfish! what was that about 35lbs? How long was the fight?