Friday, September 22, 2006

crowned in chrome

what is it about eric bachmann? i went to see him last night with my sister, psmee, and another friend, and it was pure bliss. no other songwriter has the pull over me that he does - i feel simultaneously heartbroken and elated every time i listen to his music, and somewhere in that tension is the magic. i can't even count how many times i've seen him - as a trio, solo, with a full band... i'm there every chance i get. he started with an old archers song (well, it was a late archers song), chumming the oceans, a song i never thought i'd hear. he played man o war and carrboro woman from the new album, as well as a variety of songs from crooked fingers albums, most notably, for me, new drink for the old drunk. spellbinding. i talked with him at length after the show and he was kind, personable, and so down to earth... i've certainly talked to lesser celebs and caught way more attitude and exclusivity... i was totally starstruck. still am, i think.

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